Selasa, 11 November 2014

My Dota 2, My Record From 2013-2014 Pic

This Is My Dota 2 Record From 2013 till 2014

Rampage Inside Fountain? What A Pain T_T


This Light of Hope Shall Make Invurnerable

Roshan Sunstrike - Diretide 2013

WTF, So BIG! - Diretide 2013

If i'm not wrong, This Pudge Team Was Invictus Gaming From China - Diretide 2013

Next Level, More Challenge! - Diretide 2013

Focus! - Diretide 2013

Meteor ! 

First Appearance of LC Arcana - Frostivus 2013

The Omniknight face Wraith King - Frostivus 2013

Go Sven! Show Your RAGE! - Frostivus 2013

Courier From Diretide, So FREAKING EXPENSIVE

Keeper Of The Light - New Bloom 2014

HAHAHAHAHAHA, Ability Draft!

Dire Victory!

Manta Style - Phantasm - Illusion Rune 

Really? Legacy?

God, Alpine Stalker for That Courier?

How he do that?

My First WTF Mode :D

Last Appearance of Shadow Fiend before 6.82 Patch

Where Phantom Assasin Arcana, Valve?

Team Secret Vs Team Empire

SF Arcana !!!!!!!

Epic Combat Kunkka Vs Tusk


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